I started my career working on television commercials and TV shows in the Chicago market. I found my way into the art department and thoroughly enjoyed designing and building sets and props for the next year. Two weeks after I sent out resumes for post production work, I found myself working in Texas as a junior editor for a mega church. Over the next several years I became the post supervisor, one of the key creative planners for the organization and one of two producers for the main 5,000 seat auditorium.

Since my time there I have supervised multiple levels of creative staff, served as creative and communications director, designed and built broadcast grade video, audio, and lighting systems in multiple auditoriums and produced content and events around the world. I am an accomplished producer and visual storyteller with experience as a producer, director, DoP, editor, motion graphics artist, colorist and writer.

My passion is in finding the most compelling story and bringing it to life. My most recent reel is above and my resume can be found here.